WE provide passion
and performance

we deliver a thorough
understanding of contracting
based on years of experience

we utilize rational strategies
for resolving federal
conflicts in performance and compliance

we provide federal contractors
knowledge and counsel for
profitable performance

Request for Equitable Adjustments and Claims

What happens when the Government does not agree with a Contractor’s request for additional costs incurred during the performance of a Federal contract?

Bid Protest

When a contractor identifies a defect in a Federal solicitation, or disagrees with the Agency’s source selection process or improper choice of contractor who is awarded the contract, they have the right to file a protest.

Small Business

With – “Our Law firm provides assistance with several SBA Matters:

  • Business Certifications
  • Small Business Subcontracts
  • Affiliation
  • Size Protests

Past Performance

A Past Performance Evaluation assesses a contractor’s performance and provides a record, both positive and negative, on a Federal contract.

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James E. Krause, P.A. primarily practices in the area of Federal Contract Law, and is a valuable and knowledgeable resource for Contractors seeking to obtain and perform Federal Contracts.

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James E. Krause, P.A. was on the corner of Newnan and Monroe Street in downtown Jacksonville, however we have relocated. WE ARE NOW LOCATED AT: 9700 Philips Highway, Suite 107, Jacksonville, FL 32256.

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Our mission

"Passion, Precision, Performance"

At James E. Krause, P.A., our legal team is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional, strategic, and personalized legal services. Our law firm has and continues to represent clients at every level of Federal Contract disputes.

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